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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 157

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 157

its principles ...

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Chap. II]


§ 46.


know that your senses gave you your sensorial nerve-life, which came fidui a real object, and in their changes and successions are Actually it amounts caused by the state of this object. that your ego believes in your senses. If by faith to this the action of your senses is brought into the relation of certainty with your ego, then you can depend upon perception by means of your senses, but not before. And the perception of faith and the certainty which it gives are so forcible that, as a rule, we grasp immediately the distinction between the products of dream, fancy and of The action of faith becomes weaker when the perception. condition of mind becomes abnormal, as in delirium of fever, in moments of anxiety, in hypochondria, or sudden then a feeling of uncertainty overtakes us as insanity value only Avlien you






what we perceive

or think



which we know

nothing of in a normal condition, when faith works regularly. It must be granted that wilful deception may tempt us to take for real what exists merely in appearance, but

even these ever more or less humiliating experiences do not hinder us from resuming immediately our normal stand on reality, thanks to this faith. He who was deceived

by the apparition

of a ghost,

which he afterward discovered whether a runaway horse

to be unreal, will not be uncertain

phenomenon or not, but will step out it must be granted that this faith, by which our ego believes in our senses, can become aljnormal by a perplexity of our mind, and in like manner can in the street

of the




a real


become the dupe



of delusion, nevertheless this faith



always will be, a certainty-jdelding process in our mind, which at once resumes its dominion.



even so true that we actually owe


our convic-

tions of the reality of the object exclusively to faith.


out faith you can never go from your ego to the non-ego;

no other bridge to be constructed from phenomena and scientifically all the results of observation The line from Kant to Fichte is the only along which you may continue operations. It is true



noumena hang in air. to



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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 157

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