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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 190

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 190

its principles ...

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§ 49.



[Div. II

been who were able to devote themselves, with all the energy And thus their of their lives, to the study of the sciences. strength was too small and their numbers too few to assume a position of their own, and to prosecute science independently




point of view.

One more remark phenomenon.


able to


bring to a close the explanation of

One may have

make important

a scientific mind,

and be

contributions to the scientific result,

and yet not choose the most fundamental principles of life as There is a broad field of detailthe subject of his study. study in which laurels can be won, without penetrating to the deep antitheses of the two world-views whose position over against each other becomes ever more and more clearly In this class of studies success is won with less with less power of thought, with less sacrifice of time and toil one also works with greater certainty more immediate results are attained and more questions of an historical character are presented which can be solved within This accounts for the fact that of a more limited horizon. will prefer this class of studies. Theolonine ten scientists, gians are the exception, but their position at the univerOne tolerates in them what would not sities is uncommon. be tolerated in others, and a gulf between the theological and defined.





the other faculties

is tacitly



If these faculties

were not an imperative necessity because of the churches, at most universities they would simply be abolof theology



the reasonable exception of these, the ratio of

one to nine, assumed above, between the men of detail-study and the men of the study of principles, is certainly a fair




and thus when applied

to the

few sons of palingenesis

have devoted themselves to science and have been ap-

pointed to

official positions,

causes the


of the stu-

dents of principles among them to be reduced to such a minimum, that an independent and a clearly defined attitude

on their part has been fairly impossible. Practically and academically the separation between these

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 190

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