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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 268

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 268

its principles ...

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[Div. Ill

whomsoever the Son him"; and a knowledge of God for those who could not attain this save by that Son. And finally in the Scriptures a very significant distinction is made between

the Father, save the Son, and he to willeth to reveal

God of those who have been "enlightened" who still "walk in darkness"; between the God, already obtained here by those who have

the knowledge of

and of those knowledge of

been enlightened, and that which shall sometime be their porHence a rich difference 6i form tion in the realm of glory. was found in the Scriptures, but still the same idea was com-

which idea was and is to know Q-od, For in the Scriptures a knowledge of God in the world of angels is also spoken of, which is not entirely lost even in fallen angels, so that " the devils also but since this knowledge believe that there is one God " need not here take it into acwe subject, assumes another


to all these forms,

and to know


Him as men.


This treatise deals exclusively with human Theol-


ogy (Theologia



for the sake of clearness

now God here and

leave the other distinctions alone, in order

the distinction between our knowledge of heaven (Theologia stadii and patriae).


to study in

The classical proof-text for this is 1 Cor. xiii. 8-13, where the holy apostle definitely declares, that the gnosis which we " shall be done away," since now it is only a knowthat in this matter of our knowledge of part"; "in ing contrasted to that which is now "in "perfect" God there is a " which is " perfect " is come, a seeing that when that part and that this seeing of "face to face" shall come into being shall be a "knowing even as also I have been known." Elsewhere also, in Matt. v. 8, in 1 John iii. 2, in Psalm xvii. 15, etc., a knowledge of God is mentioned, which shall con-

now have



in a seeing of God; but for brevity's sake we confine Two things are ourselves to the utterance in 1 Cor. xiii.


here included.

First, a sharp dividing-line is

God which is knowledge of God which

the knowledge of


side of the grave.



drawn between

acquired on earth, and that is in prospect on the other

But secondly, the


sustained between these two forms





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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 268

Bekijk de hele uitgave van zaterdag 1 januari 1898

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