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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 82

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 82

its principles ...

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ยง 36.

necessitates the sacriiice



[Div. II

technical accuracy to the de-

of a practical treatment


and the arrangement


of the


division of the investigation in the order of

in this Encyclopedia also the real investigation divides

itself into


parts, the first of

which deals with Theology

as such, while the second reviews her subdivisions.

the end of each aim



to understand


as such,

And and

Encyclopedia may not rest until it Theology an organic part of general science, as grasped has the departments of exegesis, church history, and has examined etc., as organic parts of the science of Theology. -^ If all investigators were fully agreed among themselves as her parts, organically.

and the conception of science, we could at once from this fixed datum and indicate what place Theology occupies in the sphere of science, and press the But this is not the case. Not claims she ought to satisfy.

to the nature start out



the conception of science very uncertain, but the very

relation sustained its

by the several thinkers to Theology and

object exercises frequently a preponderating


the definition of the conception of science.


There can

be no clearness, therefore, in an encyclopedical exposition until

it is


definitely stated

and by


what the writer understands by

prosecution in general.


for this

reason this investigation into the nature of Theology begins

with a summary treatment of science and its prosecution. The organism of science itself must be clearly outlined, before the place which Theology occupies in it can be deter-


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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 82

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Abraham Kuyper Collection | 708 Pagina's

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