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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 501

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 501

its principles ...

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§ 81.




has received being and consciousness, in two ways. In the way of the esse by the incarnation of the Logos, and in the way of consciousness as this selfsame Logos



becomes embodied in the Scripture. Both are the spoken Word (Ao'709 TT/ao^o/ai/co?) but in the one case it is the ;

Word "become


(o-a/j| yevo/ievo^'), in

the other "writ-

and these two cover each other. Christ the whole Scripture, and the Scripture brings the ro esse Care, however, must the Christ to our consciousness.

ten" is



be taken to guard against the mistake, that our consciousVery ness can only be wrought upon by the spoken word. certainly this takes place with spoken words, and the Holy Scripture emphasizes the fact that God the Lord, who gave

us language and in language our

human word. Himself made

Sinai use of those words by which directly to address us. But besides through the ear, our conbears Avitness to this.






it is

secondly, the

through the ei/e, both by real by symbolical shadow and manifesta-

also affected

revelation in events and

by these three means,



the spoken word,

or extraordinary inworking in the real

world, and third, the shadows, types and figures, that God the Lord has brought to pass, that His thought Logos, His divine

Word, has been conveyed

to sinners.

Only when



and and joined in their organic relation, can the rich Not revelation of the Word of God be viewed in its unity. merely the spoken words, but also the signs, and not merely these two, but likewise the shadows, in the relation in which this wise these spoken words, signs

shadows are


God Himself has revealed them, together give us the Word of He only who places himself under the full impression G-od. of this majestic whole, can and may say, that the Word of God has been revealed to him. For this reason the Logos of God is both violated and maimed, when it is sought in the spoken words only, and when consequently one speaks of the words of God in the Scripture. The Scripture as a whole, whole of this threefold revelation of God, and he only who takes up in himself tJiat ivhole, has in himself the image of the full reveas it lies before us as a unit, offers us the organic

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 501

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