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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 165

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 165

its principles ...

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§ 46.

CiiAi'. II]



by which often unconsciously many

the general impulses

As long as this general motive is not no science in histor}^ Moreover, history is The past is no kaleidoscope which you likewise a judge. In history there is a struggle of what turn before your eye. people were impelled. found, there


you deem holy and true against that which you despise and lament. Thus you must pass judgment. Your sympathy and antipathy are active. In history you sj)y the root-life of what lives in yourself and in your own surroundings and in your own times. If this is so, how then can there ever be


place in the

ranks of the sciences for a


your authentication of the past, in your effort to explain the past, and in your judgment of that past, you exclude faith and accept nothing but what has been obtained by the immediate observation of the senses or by logical demonstration ? What has been said of history applies, mutatis mutandis, ence of history,



in lesser or greater measure, to

simply because in sents of




the sj^iritual sciences,

these sciences the mystery of

and you are


as unable to bring the



your own being, as that of your neighbor, within the

As soon therefore medical science leaves the domain of pure empiricism, and thus becomes scientific, it has to deal more or less with the same difficulties. Not only in Psychiatry alone, but in Physiology and in Pathology as well, does it come in contact reach of your senses or of your logic. as

with influences and processes, the explanation of which is not found in matter, but in the psyche. For this reason, even after the interesting studies of Professor Bornheim, Magnetism and Hypnotism have not yet been naturalized by the medical science.

Ordinary experience shows that in all contact with this and nothing but faith, forms the ground

invisible world, faith, in the


personality of every act.

announces himself to accept self,






attach value to


who he what he


some one


at once

himwithout having any proof of the truth or means of it

as true.


Take away


tells of

mutual confidence from


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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 165

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