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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 65

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 65

its principles ...

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§ 23.



him to cut the tie that binds the would result either in a pseudo-victory, or the university would be turned into an abstract schemaThis was the mistake committed by the Netherlands tism. university and persuade university to

life, it

government, when, in 1878, at the suggestion of a one-sided Encyclopedia, it robbed the theological faculty in the State Universities of it


and actually changed Since from its no practical use to life, and

historical character,

into a school of the science of religion.

very nature such a faculty



such has no susceptibility to life, the "officiousness of practical life " compelled a reaction against the aim of the as

lawgiver, and the demands of this one-sided Encyclopedia could be only apparently satisfied. It triumphed in the letter of the scheme, but actually

and practically the right of


tory maintained the supremacy. § 23.



Threefold Task

this reservation it is the task of

investigate the

Encyclopedia to organism of science physiologically, ana-

tomically and pathologically.

Physiologically, in order to enter into the nature of the life of every science and to trace out and define the function of each member in the body of sciences.

Anatomically, in order to exhibit the exact boundaries, divisions and relations of the several depart-

ments and subdivisions of departments.


pathologically, in order to bring to light the imperfection in the functioning

of every science, to show its lack of accuracy in the fixing of the several relations, and to watch lest by hypertrophy or by atrophy the proper proportions should be lost between the development of the parts. Physiologically it clarifies the sense that must inspire every man in his own department,


rectifies the

universally scientific sense.


brings order into every study and defines the boundaries between the several studies. And pathologic-medically it it

every error, inaccurate connection and unnatural development which combats the demand of the organic life of a science and of each of its parts.


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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 65

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