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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 681

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 681

its principles ...

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then they, too, threw themselves upon the

of thought, they

masters in


worked themselves



this day.

Suddenly they

and became which claims


of the first rank, with a virtuosity

our admiration


rise like cedars

from the barren tablelands of the Dark Ages. And in so far as they, immovable in their faith, did not shrink before any intellectual labor, however gigantic, they are still our examHe who refuses to consult with ples as intellectual heroes. himself as a theologian. Aquinas weakens Thomas qualified their labor as a triumph grasped However, we have prematurely.

In the preface of the latest edition of

bardus' Sententiae and Thomas'



Paris, 1841, the edi-

tor wrote in a high-pitched key of these Sententiae and this jSiimma : " Stupendous works indeed, the former of which




for a century

and a half and gave birth

Thomas Aquinas, while the latter, being sum of theology, has ruled all Europe for


assuredly the very

five centuries from and has begotten all succeeding theologians." This flattering speech aims none too high; for after Thomas there has no one arisen who, as a theologian, has thought out the domain of sacred study so comprehensively from all sides, and who has penetrated as deeply and only to the bottom of all questions so heroically as he the latest development of philosophy has given the stream The very rise of of theological thought a really new bend. this newer philosoph}^ however, has discovered how greatly Tliomas was mistaken, when he thought that he had already hit the mark, when he placed the formal intellectual development of the Grecian world at the service of the Undoubtedly it is since then only that theology Church. within its own ground has come to a richer development, such as it had never known before, which has enabled it to assimilate and to reproduce no mean part of the treasures of Revelation but the struggle for principles, which theology had to carry on for the vindication of her own right of exTheology and philosophy istence, had scarcely yet begun.

the day


was brought

to light,





bv Thomas.

in the material sense) are too closely identified


takes too


account of the world of

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 681

Bekijk de hele uitgave van zaterdag 1 januari 1898

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 708 Pagina's

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