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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 7

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Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 7

its principles ...

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Holy Scripture, In



given so much space could not be controversy the Holy Scripture is the


all this

question at stake, and the encyclopedia that places conditionally

upon the Scriptures



as its basis cannot find a

plan until the all-embracing question of the Scriptures has

been fundamentally solved. It is only natural that certain portions of this book should Being an enemy to abstracbear a severely Dutch stamp.

and a lover of the concreteness of representation, the author could not do anything else than write from the enviIn one point only does this ronment in which he lives. require an explanation. In this book he speaks of Methodism in a way which would have been impossible either in England or in America, where Methodism has achieved a Church formation of its own. For this reason he begs leave to state that he views Methodism as a necessary reaction, born from Calvinism itself, against the influences which so often threaten As such, Methodism had to petrify the life of the Church. in his opinion a high calling which it is bound to obey, and a real spiritual significance. And it becomes subject to serious criticism only when, and in so far as, from being a reaction, it undertakes to be itself an action and when, not satisfied with imparting a new impulse to the sleeping tions,




he thinks,

seeks to exalt it is

itself in

the Church's stead.

not able to do, and hence


falls into serious


In closing this brief preface he begs to offer his sincere thanks to the Rev. J. Hendrik de Vries, who with rare accuracy of style and language has finished the difficult and laborious task of this translation.

ABRAHAM KUYPER. Amsterdam, June



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Abraham Kuyper Collection | 708 Pagina's

Encyclopedia of sacred theology - pagina 7

Bekijk de hele uitgave van zaterdag 1 januari 1898

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 708 Pagina's

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