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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 405

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 405

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; ;



of living with the reformers by faith, he tries to live


by the things

in himself.

And from


men must

Much more than



forsake justification by faith

this is to

This leads us back to •

in the political

principle be applied to the



this is to sever the artery of

realm must the sacred

of heaven, that to our Sover-

eign King and Judge alone belongs the prerogative, by His decision, absolutely to determine our state of righteousness or of unrighteousness.

The sovereignty which reposes in an earthly king is only borrowed, derived, and laid upon him, but the sovereignty of the Lord our God is the source and fountainhead of all authority and of all binding force. If it

belongs to the very essence of sovereignty, that by the

ruler's decision alone the status of his subjects is determined, then it

must be



can not be otherwise than that this very


authority belongs originally, absolutely, and supremely to our God. Whom He judges guilty is guilty, and must be treated as guilty;

whom He declares just is just, and must be treated as just. He entered Gethsemane, Jesus our King declared to His disciples " Now are ye clean through the word which I have spoken




unto you."


this is

ever remain



not upon what


His declaration even now, and it shall forour place, our lot for eternity depends nor upon what others see in us, nor upon



what we imagine or presume ourselves to be, but only upon what God thinks of us, what He counts us to be, what He, the Almighty and Just Judge, declares us to be.

When He

declares us just,

counts us just, then shall not


and ours

we is

when He

when He who altho we lie in

thinks us just,

are by this very thing His children

the inheritance of the just,

in like manner, when He pronounces us Adam, when in Adam He counts us subject to condemnathen we are guilty, fallen, and condemned, even tho we dis-

the midst of



guilty in tion,

cover in our hearts nothing but sweet and childlike innocence. In this way alone it must be understood and interpreted that the Lord Jesus was numbered with the transgressors, altho He was holy that He was made sin, altho He was the living Righteousness and that He was declared a curse in our place, altho He was Immanuel. In the days of His flesh He was numbered with transgressors and sinners. He was put in their state, and He was treated accordingly ;

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 405

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