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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 276

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 276

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But stronger still Dr. Bohl is so firmly attached to this presenUtion that he says even of Christ, that He. before His Resurrection. " Our Lord and Savior lacked the divine image. See page 45 " Ausserhalb des Bildes Gottes image God." outside the stood of :


stand unser Herr."


is all

more and


quence of this presentation, the passions

serious since in consedesires toward the sin-

ful are, considered by themselves, sinless, just as

So we




read on page 73

"Dasder Mensch Begierden hat, dass ihn Leidenschaften (-06^) treibcn. wie Zom. Furcht. Muth, Eifersucht, Freude, Liebe, Hass, Sehnsucht, Mitleid, dies Alles constituirt noch keine Siinde. denn das Vermogen. um Zora. Unlust. oier Mitleid und dergl. m. zu empfinden, :st von Gott geschaffen.

Ohne dem ware kem Leben und

Also die Begierde und Siinde.



Bewegung im Menschen.

iiberhaupt die Leidenschaften sind an sich nicht

werden es vmd sind es im actuellen Zustand des Menschen, und durch jene verkehrte Lebens-

weil durch ein dazwischentretendes Gebot

richtnng, die Paulus einen vo/^< r^f


nennt, das menschliche Ich

bewogen wird, zu den Leidenschaften und Begierden Stellung zu nehtnen. d. h. sich richtig

oder unrichtig zu ihnen zu verhalten." *

Let each judge for himself whether we said too much when we spoke of the necessity of protesting, in the name of our Reformed Confession, against the creeping in of this Platonic presentation, which later on was defended partly by the Romish, partly by the

Lutheran theologians. Dr. Bohl is excellent when he shows that the original righteousness was not simply a germ, which had still to be developed, but Equally that Adam's righteousness was complete, lacking nothing. in his naked that man, showing Rome, against his proof excellent is he errs in repholiness. But to power lacks the absolutely nature, ••'The fact that


has desires, that he

is led

by passions, such as

anger, fear, courage, jealousy, joy. love, hate, longing, pity,

all this


power to experience anger, displeasure, or pity, and the like passions, la created of God. Without these there would be no life nor stir in man. Hence desires and passions m general are no sin in themselves They become and are sin in man's present condition, because, by an intervening law, and by that perverted tendency of life which not constitute sin


Paul calls a law of

for the

sin, the

tion to the passions

toward them



human Ego


compelled to determine

desires, i.e., to adopt a

its rela-

good or bad attitude

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 276

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