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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 100

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 100

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Scripture a Necessity. "For whatsoever

things were written

aforetime wore written for our learning, that

we through

patience and

comfort of the Scriptures might have hope." Rom. xv. 4.

That Spirit



the Bible



Holy Church and that in the Church He

the product of the Chief Artist, the


He gave


to the

as His instrument, can not be over-emphasized.

Not as tho He had lived

in the

in Scripture the record of that

the life

was the

real substance

was the end

rather the Scripture

strument of

all that


life, its

of all ages,



and given us

history, so that

and the Scripture the accident; of all that preceded and the in-


Day of days the Sacred Volume will unAs the New Jerusalem will need no sun, moon, or temple, but the Lord God will be its light, so will there be no need of Scripture, for the revelation of God shall reach His With the dawn

of the

doubtedly disappear.

elect directly through




hearts accessible only Scripture

the unveiled Word.

earth, face-to-face

But so long



communion withheld, and our

by the avenues

of this imperfect existence.

must remain the indispensable instrument by which the

Triune God prepares men's souls for higher glory. The cause of this lies in our personality. We think, we are selfconscious, and the threefold world about and above and within us is reflected in our thoughts. The man of confused or unformed consciousness or one insane can not act as a man. True, there are depths in our hearts which the plummet of our thinking has not sounded but the influence that is to affect us deeply, clearly, with ;

outlasting effect

upon our


must be wrought through

our self-consciousness.


history of sin proves

Satan infuse



How did sin

enter the world?

poison into man's soul while he slept?


By no means.

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 100

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Abraham Kuyper Collection | 704 Pagina's

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