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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 551

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 551

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strong in the father as in the mother hence the love which bears the moral character of duty and vocation is more conspicuous in ;

the former.

But even where


wonderful mingling of


and moral

love in the mutual love of husband and wife manifests itself most beautifully, in parental love

and by counter-action

as a connecting link in fraternal love,

it is still


can exist in total independence of the conscious love of God. it

strongly expresses itself





among pronounced


filial love,

a form of love that



true of that freer expression of love which, in-

ties of blood, often develops itself in beautiful forms between friends, between congenial minds, between comrades in the same struggle, between the leaders and the led; yea, which from the things visible can rise to embrace the things invisible, and unfold itself in fairest forms of love for art and science, for king and country, for the nation and its history, for inherited rights and

dependently of the


— in brief,

for all that inspires the breast with the noble

For, whatever

its wealth from the Love of the Eternal. In order not to betray their accomplices, hardened criminals have endured cruel tortures upon the rack with marvelous constancy. Communists, dying upon the barricades of Paris in defense of the most blasphemous barbarism, have displayed a heroism similar to that of our heroes at Waterloo and Dogger-Bank.

feelings of consecration







be, in itself it is apart

Profane and wanton soldiers have cast themselves upon the enemy But in all these manifestations of

with rare contempt of death.

love, blood heated by passion on the one hand, and impure motives on the other, may play their part and rob it almost entirely of its

divine character.

Yea, even in


for the suffering still

highest manifestations

and mercy toward the

be devoid of the spark of holy Love.

who can

not bear the sight of suffering;

among men, such as


and perishing, it may There are natural men



are so deeply affected

by the heart-breaking spectacles of sorrow and mourning that they must show pity; to whom the offering of sympathy is a natural necessity; who count the soothing of other men's sorrow a joy rather than a sacrifice.

But even in vine mercies, nal Love.


this highest form,

it is

most closely approaching the


frequently without any connection with the Eter-


be an impulse from instinct, an inclination from

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 551

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