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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 309

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 309

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OUR GUILT But He does with



or not.


It is



we must


left to


our choice to have dealings

in all our affairs, at all times

deal and do deal with Him.

and under all There is no

He is excluded. In all things whatHe is the most interested. In all our dealings and enterprises He is the Preferred Creditor and Senior Partner, with whom we must settle the final account. We may bury ourselves in business transacted from which




Sahara, or go


bottom of the ocean, but our account Him. Working with head, heart, or hand, we open an account with God; and while we can deceive other partners and withhold part of the accounts from them. He is omniscient, He knows the most secret items. He keeps account of the smallest fraction, charging it to us; and before we have begun our reckoning, He has already finished it and laid it before us. Considering this, we realize what it is to be debtors to God for while at every moment, under all circumstances, and in all transactions we are obliged to pay Him the whole profit, we never do it, at least not in full. Hence every act of head, heart, or hand creates an item of debt, which we withhold from Him through being either unwilling or unable to pay. If God were not, or we were not related to Him, we would be sinners, but not debtors. If a few years ago the floods at Krakatoa had engulfed all Java, as was feared, would it not have canceled all our debts to Java firms? Or suppose that the Patriotic Party in China once more came into power, and the Emperor decreed to close the empire against all nations, so that during a whole lifewith


to the

never ceases.

We can never get away from




was impossible

to settle business with Chinese firms.

this not cancel all the debts



Hence if God should cease to be or dissolve every tie binding us to Him, all our debts would at once be obliterated. But this is impossible the tie that binds us to Him can not be broken. Our debt to Him remains; we can not cancel it and our thinking that we can cancel it does not to China?



alter the fact.

God created us for Himself, and that creates our indebtedness Him. If He had simply created us for the pleasure of creating us, as a boy blows soap bubbles for his entertainment, and for the rest did not care what became of us, there could be no debt. But to

He did create us for at every

Himself, with the absolute charge, in

moment, and under


circumstances, to lay

all things, life's


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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 309

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Abraham Kuyper Collection | 704 Pagina's

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