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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 311

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 311

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much trouble me/' sounds very nice, but is deeply




children desire to be holy as the children of vanity desire riches, honor, and glory

i.e.. it is

ego, in ourselves to be out.


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always a desire for ourselves, our own not. And the Lord God is left

what we are

the Pelagian regulating his relation to


In fact

it is sin,

God according

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and highest commandment. Surely the soul's deep longing after holiness is good and right, but only after the question is settled " How can I be restored to my right position before God, whose rights I have violated?" If this is our chief concern, then and then only do we love the Lord our God more than ourselves. Then the prayer for holiness will follow as a matter of course; not from the selfish desire to be spiritually enriched, but from the soul's deep longing nevermore to violate the ;

divine right.

deep and far-reaching, and many will deem it harsh. Yet The unmanly and sickly Christianity the fathers and of the godly of all ages and of the apostles and prophets. The Lord musi be First and Highest instead of being honored, His law is dishonored when, in the pursuit of holiness, God's right is forgotten. Even among men it is called dishonest when, with debts unpaid, a man goes to America only to make his fortune and we would say to him " Honestly to pay your debts is more honorable than merely to be successful." And this applies here. God's child does not enter the kingdom with a cry for success, but to balance his accounts with God. And this explains the difference between sin and guilt. A burgIs he now entitled to lar repents and returns the stolen treasure. freedom? Surely not; but if he fall into the hands of the law, he shall be tried, sentenced, and suffer in prison the penalty of the vioLet us apply this to sin. There is a /au> and God is lated right. Measured by it, transgressions of omission and comits Author. mission are called sin. But that is not all. The law is not a fetish, nor the formula of a moral ideal, but God's co?nmandment ; " God spake all these words." God stands behind that law, maintains it, and lays it before us. Hence it is not enough to measure our act by the law and call it sin, but it must also be accounted for to the Lawgiver and acknowledged to be guilt. Sin is non-conformity of an act, person, or condition to the divine law ; guilt, encroachment by act, person, or condition upon the diThis


we may not hold it back. now vaunted is not that of ;



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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 311

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