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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 284

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 284

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244 will also bear the


of the heavenly,

clearly that in his original state




This shows

did not possess the image of

he will possess it. What Adam received from what a redeemed sinner

Christ, but that afterward

in creation is clearly distinguished

possesses in Christ


distinguished in this particular, that


was not

according to his nature to be formed after Christ's image, which image he could receive only by grace after the fall.



evident also from what


Paul teaches in




In the third verse, speaking of the various deg^^ees of ascending glory, he says that the man is the head of the woman, and the head

And yet, of every man is Christ, and the head of Christ is God. having spoken of these four, woman, man, Christ, God, he says emphatically, in ver. 7, not as might be expected, " The woman is the glory of the man, the man the glory of Christ," but, omitting the link Christ, he writes " For the man is the glory of God, and the woman :

the glory of the man."

If this

theory under consideration were

he should have said: " The man is the image of Christ." Hence it is plain that according to Scripture the image after which we are to be renewed \% not that after which we are created the two must be distinguished. The latter is that of the Triune correct,

God whose image penetrated

into the being of

the race.


and perfect Man Christ Jesus, our federal Head, and as such the Example [Dutch, Voorbeeld ; literally, an image placed before one. Trans.], after which every child of God is to be renewed, and which at last he shall resemble. Hence Scripture offers two different representations first, the Son who is the image of the Father as the Second Person in the Trinity second, the Mediator our Example [ Voorbeeld, image put before one], hence our image after which we are to be renewed; and between the two there is almost no connection. The Scripture teaching that the Son of God is the express image of His Person and the image of the Invisible, refers to the relation between the Father and the Son in the hidden mystery of the Divine Being. But speaking of our calling to be renewed after the image of Christ, it refers to the Incarnate Word, our Savior, tempted like as we are in former


that of the holy



all things,

yet without


Mere similarity of sound should not lead us to make this misEvery effort to translate Gen. i. 26, " Let Us make man in take. or after the image of the Son," is confusing. Then " Let Us" must refer to the Father speaking to the Holy Spirit and this can not ;

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The work of the Holy Spirit - pagina 284

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