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To be near unto God - pagina 183

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To be near unto God - pagina 183

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Not only has he not saved me my dying

husband and child, and left me praying without coming to my aid, but he has brought these sorrows upon me. He sent illness into my home, and 0, it is almost too cruel for words, he has torn my husband from my heart and has killed my darling child." In the end this will lead to another and a better knowledge of God, which will make his doings plain. But the first feeling of the heart is, that with God, as we imagine and dream him to be, we can not get along. We lose the God we had, and it takes




of soul

before, purified in

our knowled<2;e of the true God, we embrace him in place of the other.

Thus the first lesson is, that in everyday life we learn to submit to an higher appointment and bow before an Omnipotence against which we can do nothing. This seems dreadful. But it is

the discovery in actual






When we have

but just come into the way that leads to the cross, we take ourselves as the main object of interest. It is our happiness, our honor, our future, and God is added in. We look on ourselves as the center of things, and God comes in to make us happy. The father is for the sake of

And the Almightiness which is conbut to serve our interests. This knowledge of God is faulty through and through. It turns around the order of things. In all seriousness it makes self God and God our servant. This false knowledge of God is entirely overthrown by the cross. Cast down in grief and sorrow we suddenly perceive that this great God

the child. fessed



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Bekijk de hele uitgave van dinsdag 1 januari 1918

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 620 Pagina's

To be near unto God - pagina 183

Bekijk de hele uitgave van dinsdag 1 januari 1918

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 620 Pagina's

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