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To be near unto God - pagina 61

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To be near unto God - pagina 61

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resort tion.


endless rounds of diversion and recrea-

But never a turning





a collecting of the soul together for the sake of quiet thought. Never a search after the soul for On the contrary the soul is kept its own sake. in a state of constant excitement. It is held capIt is never pertive to serve its environments. mitted to rest for self-examination and for finding

inward peace. The world at large is divided into these two On one hand they who are great companies. wretched and distressed of soul and who pine away in






hand the


are always hurried, who are continually engaged with the art of externalizing themselves and never have a thought about their own solitary" soul. The only medicine at hand for both these conFor the ditions of soul is fellowship w^th God. soul has its holy of holies as well as its holy place and its outer court. The world does not come nearer to the soul than this outer court. There it remains, and has neither vision nor understanding of the several elements that constitute the

merrj^-making multitudes







approaches to the soul. There are some congenial spirits that understand us and see more clearly through us, and who are therefore better able, with But tenderness, to sustain and to comfort us. even they do not enter into the holy of holies. There is always a deep background into which they can not come, and where the soul remains in its solitariness.

He who

alone can enter into this holiest and 57

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Bekijk de hele uitgave van dinsdag 1 januari 1918

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 620 Pagina's

To be near unto God - pagina 61

Bekijk de hele uitgave van dinsdag 1 januari 1918

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 620 Pagina's

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