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Letters to My Young Readers

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Letters to My Young Readers

7 minuten leestijd

Hello Boys and Cirls,
Meet some of our quiz members.

Welcome to our new members: Weston Ekema, Dwayne Keurhorst, Natalie Neels, and Shalayna Neels. I have a few welcome envelopes waiting to be sent out; the following children should send me their addresses: Weston Ekema, fanessa Bruinsma, Chad Oudshoorn, Carrie Stubbe, & Melissa Wynia. Thanks so much. May God’s Word be blessed to all of our hearts.

Aunt LenaBeth

Shalayna Neels

Thank you for your answers, Shalayna. I’m glad you joined us. Is your classroom in the new portion of the school? Yes, it must be huge now. It is a blessing to have so many students in the school but more of a blessing that you may hear about the Bible and its truths each day. Do you find 5th grade difficult? I don’t mind one bit that the quiz pages were not in order and that you left a few answers blank. That is perfectly alright. I hope to hear from you again.

Bethany Aleman

Thank you for your note, Bethany. Having dinner and roasted marshmallows around a fire must have been fun. It sounds like you have a good time when your Opa and Oma come. Do you like to sing psalters? Do you have a favorite one? Ask the Lord often if He will give you what we sing sometimes in Psalter 141, “Gracious God, my heart renew.”

Deanna Les

It to bad that your old rabbit died, Deanna. No, we don’t have a bunny, though we did have several, years ago. Bunnies can be so soft and sweet. Yes, we do have two dogs, seven chickens, fish, and a canary. We sold one lizard and the other died. Our canary sings beautifully. It makes me think sometimes of the word “sing” in the Bible, and how otten the psalmists wrote about it in the psalms, for example, in Psalm 96. “Sing unto the Lord, all the earth.” Your books sound very interesting and exciting.

Aaliyah Timmer

I’m so glad that Rosie stayed, Aaliyah. What color is she? I’m sure you love her! I’m sorry that your other two kittens ran away. That must have been sad. Freddie and Aaliyah didn’t know they were being silly to leave you — I guess they just wanted an adventure, didn’t they! I hope Freddie and Aaliyah found good homes, too. Runaway kittens remind me of a story in the Bible where a young man ran away from home. Do you know the story of the prodigal son? You can read about him in Luke 15.

Corinna Stubbe

You must be having a good year at school, Corinna, with so many extra special things like being in the class or with the teacher you hoped to have. Seventy-nine children certainly is a big group for one grade. Each one of those seventy-nine needs to be taught from the Bible but, more importantly, taught by the Lord. You, too, Corinna — I hope you ask for it.

Amy Bosman

You have so many kittens, Amy! Is eight your total, or do you have more? Did you name them all? Thanks for telling me.

Laura Wesdyk

Thank you for your note, Laura, and you are quite welcome for the puzzle. Did you complete it yet?

Sarah Krygsman

It sounds like you had fun decorating your “new” bedroom, Sarah. It sounds beautiful. I always like having bookshelves in bedrooms too — it is almost like having your very own little library, isn’t it? What are your favorite books? Reading can teach us so much, and there are good books which can show us how important it is to seek the Lord. I hope you have a special spot on your shelf for your Bible.

Courtney Van Maren

Congratulations on the births of your new niece and nephew, Courtney! It is something to be so thankful for each time a new little one is born and all is made well, isn’t it? The Lord is willing to bless us with families, healthy babies, and so much more even though we don’t deserve any of it. Thank you for telling me about them. It must have been a surprise when Piper had kittens! Have you found a home for the last kitten? I’m glad you are in the same class as your friends this year.

Rebecca Krygsman

You have changed your room too Rebecca, and it sounds very cozy. I’m sure you like being able to see your mom at school when she is teaching. Do you play your melody harp with a small pick or your fingers? I think harps sound very pretty. Can you think of someone in the Bible who played a harp?

Yvonne DeKruyf

Thanks for your answers and note, Yvonne. The first day of school is always fun and exciting, isn’t it? Are you enjoying school? Which grade are you in now? Ask the Lord often if He will bless the instruction from the Bible to your heart. Ask Him if He will give you a heart that loves to hear His Word, okay?

Susanna Aleman

When it is hot outdoors, it’s great to be wet when you are biking, I’m sure, Susanna. It was a good idea to bike through the fountains. Did you bike far? Did you become tired? Sometimes a long journey can make us tired, but in the Bible we read of people who became tired in a different way. Their hearts became tired instead of their bodies. They became so tired of their sin “I am weary of my crying... O God, Thou knowest my foolishness: and my sins are not hid from Thee.” Ask the Lord for eyes to see the sinfulness of your heart, too, Susanna.

Adrianna, Joseph, & Serena Byers

Congratulations to all of you! I’m so excited that you received a new little sister. That is wonderful! I’m sure you are so thankful for her, and I’m sure she is a sweetie. Genevieve must be so cute, and I can imagine that you all want to hold her. You know, babies just seem to know their mommies from the moment they are born, but they love their brothers and sisters very much too, and soon, she will be reaching for you all. I am glad you received your beginner’s license, and I hope you will be very, very careful driving. Here you can have a permit when you are sixteen, a probationary license at seventeen, and a regular license at eighteen. We adults always worry and are happy when we see you home safe and sound again. Most of all, we pray for you to be kept, and I hope you do that too, Adrianna.

Janice Aleman

Are you and Bethany finished with the 500 piece puzzle, Janice? It must have been very complicated to complete such a large puzzle. Puzzles take patience, right? In Psalm 40 we read, “I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry.” That is a different kind of patience. The psalmist was waiting patiently. Do you know what he was waiting for? He was waiting for a visit from the Lord; he was waiting for the Lord to come and speak to him, lift him from his troubles and sins, and forgive and cleanse him from sin. Ask the Lord often for a heart that needs and waits for Him.

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Letters to My Young Readers

Bekijk de hele uitgave van zondag 1 november 2015

The Banner of Truth | 24 Pagina's

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