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To be near unto God - pagina 418

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To be near unto God - pagina 418

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and the dotage moreover every

of old age. night. Sleep

The same happens

the passing of the our consciousness into the twilight of slumber, and finally into deep, sound sleep. At night the light of day without, and the light of self-consciousness within, set in darkness and unconsciousness. It may even be said that the more absolutely the light of the self-consciousness passed out, the better and more healthy was sleep. Not to know anything on waking of the seven hours we slept, is the most normal operalight



tion of nature. In paradise, before he






So the young child still sleeps at mother's breast. So the weary day-laborer of little intelligence in part still sleeps. But such sleep is no longer the rule. Our sleep is all too like


frequently restless, either when physical causes of sickness or excesses disturb it, or when the mind is too excited to allow the self-consciousness to pass into entire forgetfulness. And so we come to dreams or to half or entire sleeplessness. Dreamlife is a dark domain which has been investigated but little. It is enough that we know what anxiety and agony it can occasion; how in sinful imagination it can soil the consciousness;


prophecies and premonitions sometimes loom and also how God has used it more than once as a means by which to execute his holy Counsel.


in it;


to dreamlife, however, and more distresswoe of a sleepless night, when cares

ing, is the

keep the heart awake when the mind is too much on a tension; when a task, which awaits us in the morning prevents us from sleep, or when sickness ;

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Bekijk de hele uitgave van dinsdag 1 januari 1918

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 620 Pagina's

To be near unto God - pagina 418

Bekijk de hele uitgave van dinsdag 1 januari 1918

Abraham Kuyper Collection | 620 Pagina's

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